Pathos Examples

Pathos Examples

Pathos Examples

Pathos refers to an appeal to the audience’s emotions in order to persuade them. It is one of Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion, alongside ethos and logos. Pathos can elicit feelings such as pity, sympathy, or sorrow, among others, to help make an argument more compelling. Here are some examples:

Pathos Examples in Advertisements

  • Pet Shelter Ad: Showing images of sad, abandoned animals to encourage adoptions.
  • Insurance Ad: Depicting a family going through tough times to emphasize the importance of insurance.
  • Car Safety Ad: Showcasing a severe car accident to stress the significance of safe driving.

Pathos Examples in Speeches

  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream”: Evoking a desire for equality and justice.
  • Winston Churchill’s “We Shall Fight on the Beaches”: Inciting courage and resilience during WWII.
  • Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech: Fostering hope and a sense of community.

Pathos Examples in Literature and Drama:

  • Romeo and Juliet: The tragic ending evokes sorrow.
  • Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist”: Evoking sympathy for the hardships of the poor.
  • Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”: Inciting fear and anxiety regarding mass hysteria.

Pathos Examples in Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

  • Anti-Smoking PSA: Showing the harmful effects of smoking to evoke fear.
  • Drunk Driving PSA: Displaying the aftermath of drunk driving accidents to discourage the behavior.
  • Environmental PSA: Showing the impacts of pollution to evoke a sense of responsibility.

Pathos Examples in Social Media Campaigns:

  • Personal stories of overcoming adversity to inspire support for related causes.
  • Sharing images of natural disasters to solicit aid for affected areas.
  • Posting testimonials from individuals affected by certain issues to garner support.

Pathos Examples in Charity Appeals

  • Showing impoverished living conditions to encourage donations.
  • Sharing stories of individuals helped by the charity to show the positive impact of donations.
  • Displaying images of suffering to evoke compassion and prompt action.

Pathos Examples in Music and Music Videos:

  • Songs about heartbreak evoking sorrow.
  • Music videos depicting social issues to raise awareness.
  • Inspirational songs encouraging hope and resilience.

Pathos Examples in Film and Television:

  • A character’s death evoking sorrow and loss.
  • Heartwarming reunions generating joy and relief.
  • Depicting societal issues to raise awareness and empathy.

Political Campaigns Pathos Examples in

  • Personal anecdotes to connect with voters on an emotional level.
  • Evocative language to elicit feelings of hope or fear.
  • Patriotic imagery to foster a sense of national pride.

Pathos Examples in Photography and Art

  • Photos capturing human suffering to raise awareness.
  • Artistic works depicting joyful or serene scenes to evoke positive emotions.
  • Visual commentary on social or political issues to provoke thought and discussion.